The Fireplace

2 Tim 1:6 (GW), ‘You received a gift from God when I placed my hands on you {to ordain you}. Now I’m reminding you to fan that gift into flames.’

One night early in my stay in the United States, I thought I heard a sound in the fireplace. I was a little scared and wondered what it was. A few nights later I decided to check it out. I opened the fireplace doors and looked in. There at the bottom in a little corner was a little flame! What was the flame doing there? Close to that was a knob. I turned it and whoosh! I jumped back as this big fire started. It was beautiful. I held out my hands as I enjoyed the warmth and thanked God for the gift of fire. Moments later, I turned it down and there was nothing left but the little flame.

Today I remembered that day. Every one of us like that fireplace has potential. You see, PG&E, (the power company) supplies the gas and all but in order to benefit from the fireplace, we actually have to go in there and turn the knob.

God has deposited so much in us but He’s not going to come down and turn the knob or fan the flame. That is our responsibility. Pastors and ministers and prophets etc. can lay hands and legs on us or soak us in anointing oil but if we do not reach out and stir it up, turn that knob and fan the flames, we would just be like the unused fireplace – dark and cold.

Pause and ponder ~ Many times we see others and we admire their talents and wish we could be like them but if we took our eyes off what others carry and focus on discovering and developing what God has put in and called us to do.

How’s the fire in you? What are the ways you can discover and develop your gift? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it


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