Glorified my way?

Many times, when we pray and ask God to glorify Himself in our lives and in our situation, we assume that there are only certain ways that He can do that. To Martha and Mary, It meant Jesus would drop everything and come save their brother Lazarus from dying. God’s choice? let Lazarus die, be buried and then raise him from the dead. Like the sisters, when we pray for the morning, it seems it gets even darker; like the storm gets stronger; like more water is getting in the boat than we can scoop out; or like failure, shame, and embarrassment stare us in the face. We look up and ask “Umm… God? Are You there? Can you hear me?”

Maybe you prayed for a sick loved one to be healed but they died anyway. you believed for that job but lost it. You hoped, like Jonah, for justice for a wrong but it seems the guilty person is not only getting away with it, but doing even better. others seem to have the testimony you desire but your wait appears endless…

Are you there right now? Remember this, It gets darker before it gets light. God’s idea of glorifying Himself may be vastly different from your idea of it. He may rush there as He did for Jairus or He may wait a few more days (or months or years). We must be open that whatever way He chooses to be glorified, it will be for our good and we will be ok with it. So If you have prayed and believed and the outcome wasn’t exactly what you expected, Keep believing. Even in a loss, sickness, disaster, trauma, injustice, even when it looks like evil has won God can do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine. Just trust that He has your best interest at heart. By the time He’s done, You will look back and give Him praise for how everything turned out.

Here’s a song I suddenly remembered as I typed this. #pauseandponder as you listen and be blessed.

My favorite scene from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe is the point when it’s like all hope is lost and the evil seemed to be winning and we hear the roar. God is never too late. He will turn a valley full of dry bones into a living breathing army if He wants to. Just trust Him. Let Him be glorified His way. That’s the way He likes it ~AdaJesus 🌻


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