When you’re a Children’s minister

When you are a children minister, you are going to miss sermons in the adult service. You know all those anointed preachers that are invited to minister; you’ll probably only see the poster.

When you are in the children ministry, you’re going to get peed on, pooped on, and puked on. sometimes you are going to lose your voice or get a headache at the service. Sometimes the new heels you wore to church gets swapped for flats, slippers or (in my case at times) going barefoot.

When you are a Children’s minister, Monday to Saturday you are thinking of something new for sunday; wondering how to break down the lesson for the toddlers. praying that those parents finally get bibles for their children so you don’t have to explain to the bewildered children why they can’t find the book of John in that the hymn book or last week’s program booklet their parents shoved into their hands when they requested a bible.

When you are a children minister, it is near impossible to take a sunday off. you may be in sunday service but your inbuilt sensors will hone in on any child sneaking in from the children’s section. for me that is usually the end of that service. I take the child back and I only return at the end of service to get my purse.

When you are a children minister, parents expect you to teach their children, in 2-3 hours what they failed to teach them in 7 days. You’ll also get blamed for some failure or bad behavior.

So why do we stay? why do we bare that pee stain on our lovely sunday dress like a badge of honor? why do we keep coming back every sunday?

Because we’re sold out. we’re shepherds to God’s lambs. feeding and tending them with His love pouring through us. it’s an honor every time we wipe away a tear, every frown we caused to smile, the grateful smile from the parents, and years down the road, when we see those children as young adults serving God, we know it’s all worth it. And given a choice, we’ll do it all over again. ~AdaJesus 🌻


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